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The Stakeholder Alliance

The Stakeholder Alliance is a grassroots effort that seeks to change the corporate system to make it responsible to all stakeholders, instead of only to stockholders, and thus return corporations to their original public purpose.  Our first objective is to make corporations fully and publicly accountable, through comprehensive public disclosure, for their actions.

Did you know:  In the late 1970s over 90% of large American corporations provided some degree of social responsibility disclosure, but by the early 80s this had dropped to almost zero?  This movement, once so strong, virtually disappeared because it emphasized a “top-down” approach, working with corporate leaders, the accounting profession, and government but without any significant grassroots base.  When corporations decided that social disclosure was a dispensable luxury, stakeholders had no organized voice with which to resist.

Social disclosure is now reemerging.  It has achieved strong involvement from corporations, professional organizations, and NGOs, but lacks the grassroots support essential to insure its long-term success. The Stakeholder Alliance will provide this grassroots input and support.

The Stakeholder Alliance membership, represented in allied organizations, has grown to over 5 million as people have come to recognize that corporations must be accountable to all who are affected by corporate actions or who contribute to corporate success.  These stakeholders include workers, customers, communities, financial investors, suppliers, and the greater society.  Their concerns extend to the global environment and to future generations.

Drawing on substantial stakeholder input as well as the prior good work of allied organizations and others, the Stakeholder Alliance has formulated the Sunshine Standards for Corporate Reporting to Stakeholders.  These standards represent the minimum level of disclosure that stakeholders have indicated they need to protect themselves from corporate harm and to participate rationally in free market exchanges with corporations. 

The Stakeholder Alliance is a project of the Center for Advancement of Public Policy, a 501(c)(3) public interest organization.

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