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The purpose of this resolution is to provide for appropriate accountability by corporations with which the ABC University is involved.
This school may engage, from time to time, in relations with corporations for campus recruiting, endowment fund investment, contracting for goods and services including products bearing the school's logo, and other matters;

 Decisions within the campus community regarding such relations must be based on full and fair information from the corporation;

 Ad hoc or contemporaneous solicitation of such information is inefficient, and may cause delays or actions not in the best interests of the campus community or the corporation; 

 Members of the campus community have a right to appropriate information regarding the responsibility and performance of corporations with which the school is engaged;

It is therefore resolved that:
 The ABC University will not contract with any corporation, nor invest in any corporation's securities either directly or indirectly through mutual funds or other means, nor permit on-campus recruiting or promotional activities, unless such corporation has previously provided a report in full compliance with The Sunshine Standards for Corporate Reporting to Stakeholders*; publication of such a report on a publicly accessible web page will constitute adequate compliance with this requirement.
*The Sunshine Standards have been promulgated by the Stakeholder Alliance, a national body of community, labor, consumer, civil rights, women's equity, religious, and other organizations concerned with the interests of corporate stakeholders, and comprised of over 5 million members.  The standards complement and extend “generally accepted accounting principles” which govern corporate reporting to financial investors.

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